Making your own t-shirt campaign was never so easy. Teespring is the being labeled as the Kick starter for apparels. Lets imagine a simple campaign that start with picking their t-shirt type, chose the font and print and click. It’s done. You have your very own customized t-shirt ready. The designs are made and stored and the user has to set up a sales goal. The campaign does not get take off until the customer’s orders reach the ‘goal’ value of t-shirt which the designer has set. The t-shirts are then manufactured, packed, and shipped by Teespring. The company has alliances with apparel manufacturing partners and has recently opened its $22 million worth manufacturing unit in Kentucky. The marketing, shipping, and customer services are managed by Teespring.

Teespring is an e-commerce venture that allows users to make their customized t-shirts. It was founded in 2011 by Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton in Providence, RI. Big names like Khosla Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz have invested $55 million in 2015 in the t-shirt company.


Short history about Teespring:

The idea of the startup sprang up in 2011. The CEO and founder duo wanted to express gratitude for a local bar that was closing down. Though they wanted to sell t-shirts, the fund aspect was a disadvantage. Therefore, they set up their own website where people could order the t-shirts. Over 400 t-shirts were sold and the idea of the crowd funding t-shirt campaign took off from there.


Expansion and growth of Teespring:

Teespring offers a variety of t-shirts like hooded, sweatshirts, full-sleeved, tank tops, sleeveless, and more. Youth and kids apparels can also be customized. The four-year-old Teespring has generated a $58 million funding and has big contributors to their list of investors. The designing of a t-shirt costs around $9. After the t-shirt is delivered to the customer, the designer is given the difference in the sale price and cost of the apparel.

Teespring has sold 17 million t-shirts worldwide. Statistics say that over 30 sellers sold apparels worth $1 million in 2015. In September 2015, it started its ventures into the European market. The apparel company has signed an agreement with NFL in August 2015, thereby which licensed team logo t-shirts can now be sold on the Teespring website. Sports giants like NBA are on the verge of establishing alliances with Teespring this year.


Shipping policy in Teesping:

Once the campaign is tipped; the orders are designed and shipped. It takes 4-7 days in transit. The shipping costs are $4.49 for the first piece and then $1.50 for the remaining t-shirts. For hooded t-shirts/sweatshirts, the first piece costs $5.59 and the additional pieces cost $1.50.


Happy designers, entrepreneurs, and customers:

Many potential designers and entrepreneurs have started ventures at Teespring. This website is the perfect ground for a designer who has talent and creative spark. Moreover, there is no issue of fund generation, inventory maintenance, and dead stock hassles to tackle. People can earn from this website or even raise funds for a noble cause. They have to just create a shirt, decide the price, upload the apparel and start your business. For customers who are looking for a particular design, Teespring has a t-shirt for every occasion, theme, hobbies, ideas, which include logos and pictures of cartoons, pets, sports, occasions, and random designs.

Glyn Williams, a 51-year old cancer patient is a successful ‘power seller’ at Teespring and sold $2 million worth of t-shirts in 2015. Evan Stites-Clayton at Teespring said that 20 sellers have touched $1 million in sales. Marc Boulos is a major seller who has made over $135,000 in profit in 2014 and advertises his t-shirts on Facebook. These sellers use social media platforms like Facebook, Buzzfeed, and YouTube for their product promotions.


What made it work?

Teespring carefully analyses all the t-shirts before they are shipped so that there is no violation of copyrights. About 300 people are employed in the organization who is engaged in screening and checking of t-shirts for designs and defects. Utmost care is taken to prevent the infringement of designs. Since its inception in 2012, Teespring has paid about $200 million to sellers around the globe. Around 1 in every 50 American purchased a Teespring t-shirt in 2015.

In 2015, Teespring collaborated with online payment services company Payoneer for global expansion. In September 2015, Teespring employed former eBay director and Google manager Brian Marcus as the vice president of sales and head of the recent Teespring center in Seattle.


Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton are young guys who started this innovative venture with a vision. Their entrepreneurship has grown manifold and has attracted huge competition, like the launch of Merch by Amazon.

2016 is a big year for the company as it plans to ride on bigger ventures. The competition has become tough and the company is all set to plunge into new ventures of customized products where it might just be known as ‘spring’ as it would introduce products other than just the t-shirts.