Payoneer is a financial service business known to provide e-commerce payment and online money transfer services. As today’s world is becoming borderless and going digital, there is a need for easy cross border payments. This is where payoneer come in. They provide one of the leading cross-border payments platform that allows ease of payment – whether you’re the one paying or getting paid internationally. Once your account is funded, you are ready to use your account – this is the only condition there is to using this platform. They also have an effective customer support system to provide you with any help.

Payoneer services cover over 200 countries like the UK, USA, Europe and South Africa with millions of professionals and businesses worldwide. They provide a cross border platform for connecting currencies and countries.


Features of Payoneer Services:

  • Mass Online Payments – With payoneer, you are able to make payments through the internet. For instance companies like Elance, oDesk, iStock, etc that have lots of freelancers and contractors to pay use payoneer for payments.
  • One effective way to transfer money to your beneficiaries whether international or not is via payoneer.
  • You are able to send payouts in over 150 currencies to more than 200 countries. It also comes multiple payout solutions and this includes global bank transfers, international check, local e-wallet and prepaid MasterCard® Cards.
  • This platform makes available a virtual US account (and routing number) and also an EUR account, and this makes it easy to for you to get paid as if you were a local living in these countries. Among other services their offers are:
    • Credit card loading services
    • Global Bank transfer service
    • Card to card transfer service
    • Withdraw to local bank service


Benefits of Transferring/Withdrawing Funds with the Payoneer Global Mass Solution:

  • Cost payouts are low – the time and money that you will spend when transferring funds will be low.
  • Has a wide coverage: it gets support from over 200 countries and multiple currencies, and does not require bank account.
  • Secure – it is virtually impossible to use this without being funded and without overdraft fees.
  • Quick access to cash in hand in just 2 hours


Charges Associated with Payoneer Services:

  • To start up this account, unlike other similar providers, you will be required a fee of $29,95 annually.
  • There are ATM fees associated when withdrawing and this includes charges from payoneer (which is $3) and that surcharged by the network you are using. These ATM owners/banks have their different official fees and terms.
  • There is also a cross boarder/currency conversion fee. This is a fee incurred when you make transactions in countries or currencies not supported by payoneer, whether by ATM or POS (Point-of-Sale) and their ATM charge rate is 3%. Note here that this fee is imposed by Mastercard and has nothing to do with payoneer. These rates are also constantly changing and are partly determined based on transaction time and date.


Payoneer Affiliate Program:

Payoneer also offers an affiliate system says Refer A Friend which provides you with an opportunity to earn money. You don’t need to worry whether you’re a pro or not, they have a team dedicated to helping you build your campaigns and making available to you tips on how to succeed in the program.